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For eligible wind energy facilities, the credit was extended through the end of 2019, and will be reduced by 20% in 2017, by 40% in 2018, and by 60% in 2019.

For other eligible technologies, the credit will once again expire at the end of 2016.

Those credits are used at night when loads are typically higher in the house and the PV system is not generating.

Historically, net metering rules have given a 1:1 credit for excess generation meaning every excess k Wh generated is a k Wh credited.

As a result, many PV system owners may not even recoup their investment.

This kind of government bait and switch is very harmful to consumer trust and industry sustainability, and further, strains the ability to add new industry-related legislation down the road for fear about its impermanence.

One of the more contentious details following the rulings was the rejection of a “grandfathering” rule which sought to make current solar producers already under the old net metering tariffs, and who invested in their systems under the impression that net metering rules would not dramatically change, exempt from the new tariff changes.Currently, this mechanism of shifting energy generation from daytime to nighttime using credits is what helps incentivize and fuel solar growth at the consumer level.The Nevada PUC ruling in late December 2015 unanimously approved a new tariff structure for solar customers (and later modified its ruling in February 2016).The new tariff institutes a new, higher fixed monthly charge (i.e.independent of energy use) for net metering customers and implements a tiered de-escalation of the ‘credit’ these customers receive for their excess generation.

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The form that’s taken so far is an overhaul to net metering policies.

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