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Living in the world we live in at the moment people need to think positive.

Rapper Post Malone has dubbed himself the 'Jack Black' of stage diving after flinging himself into a concert crowd, only to end up crashing painfully to the ground when nobody in the audience caught him.

She famously lost a whopping 12 stone after having a gastric band.

And having spent £50,000 on cosmetic surgery following her jaw-dropping weight loss, Tina Malone was sure to flaunt her figure as she attended a fancy dress quiz night at Ma Eggertons pub in Liverpool on Monday.

:) Do you remember a few weeks ago I wrote about this A list celebrity with A list political connections who was meeting several times a week with the wife of an A list criminal.

Yeah, well it turns out there is some money laundering going on which our A list celebrity has been coordinating. I guarantee someone will be able to piece together some way that a percentage of the money taken as a fee for laundering is supporting terrorists or something akin to it.

The Shameless star, 54, slipped into a revealing ensemble, not afraid to show off her body.

Despite the distinct lack of sunshine, Tina remained in good spirits, wearing a pair of oversized shades and a sun hat, along with holiday-inspired leopard print sandals.

The novels, however, make clear that Cedric is anything but an irrelevant spare: he is morally upright, a charismatic leader, and an incredibly gracious competitor. Rowling embraced the Christian sanctity of life, understanding that death was an evil, and expressed hope for repentance and forgiveness of sins, this late coming play, written by Jack Thorne and based on a story by Thorne, Rowling, and Jack Tiffany (and which premiered one year ago this July), reinterprets the senseless murder of a good person as something good, if not something to celebrate, and despairs of both forgiveness of sins and of final victory over evil.The play partly revolves around the efforts of Harry’s son Albus and Albus’s friend Scorpius Malfoy to go back in time to save the life of Cedric Diggory, whom the evil wizard Voldemort kills simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.In fact, one of the fans who had been too busy filming to catch his idol took to Twitter after the fact to apologize, posting his own video showing how he dove out of the way and writing: 'My bad.'Post himself has taken the whole incident in stride, joking with his Twitter followers that his experienced mirrored that of a famous failed movie stage dive.'Felt like Jack Black in School of Rock tonight when I staged dived and nobody caught my fat a**,' he said, adding that the dive may had been more successful if his body was more like that of 5'4 hip-hop star Lil Uzi Vert.And no one needs to worry about the rapper's ego being too bruised as he has also celebrated a record-breaking success this week with his single Rockstar featuring 21 Savage, which shattered Apple Music’s single week streaming record with over 25 million streams.

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Unfortunately for Post, this is not an incident he is going to be able to forget any time soon, either, as the entire thing was caught on camera by several fans.

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