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Naked dating in mabelton ga

There is also a tunnel in the basement, but no one has ever been to the end of it. - January 2007 correction: The haunting of the supposed Turner Field Naval Hospital is a rumor.

Legend says that the ghost of a little girl, daughter of a former housekeeper, runs laughing at night.

He was missing a leg and wearing a confederate uniform standing beside one of the graves.

she asked her husband if he saw it, not taking her eyes off the man. at first they thought it was a re-enactor, but they were all at the camp.

then they disappear and you hear and see nothing again.

- Its a long dirt road, originally w/ 7 churches but you only see 4.

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People have sited a little girl in a white dress walking down the road and many different ghosts. It is believed to be haunted by souls that were tortured in the basement of the hospital.