Place for dating in lahore

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Place for dating in lahore

The assembly was to take place in November, 1215 Lateran Council, Fifth - Convoked, by the Bull of 18 July, 1511, to assemble 19 April, 1512, in the church of St.

John Lateran Latin, Ecclesiastical - The Latin in the official textbooks of the Church (the Bible and the Liturgy), as well as in the works of those Christian writers of the West who have undertaken to expound or defend Christian beliefs Latin Church - The Latin Church is simply that vast portion of the Catholic body which obeys the Latin patriarch, which submits to the pope, not only in papal, but also in patriarchal matters Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem - Founded as a result of the First Crusade, in 1099.

The remainder of the Acts are known only through a Syriac translation by a Monophysite monk, published from the British Museum MS. 14,530, written in the year 535 Latter-day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of - Also called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

This religious body had its origin during the early part of the nineteenth century.

It is used especially for Divine service (Plato, 'Apol.', 23 B).

In Christian literature it came to have a technical sense for the supreme honour due to His servants, the angels and saints Latrocinium - The Acts of the first session of this synod were read at the Council of Chalcedon, 451, and have thus been preserved.

In the course of oral transmission historic narrative necessarily becomes more or less legendary Legends of the Saints - The legenda are stories about the saints, and often include a mix of historical fact and unhistorical embellishments Le Gras, Venerable Louise de Marillac - Founder of the Sisters of Charity of St. 1660 Leibniz, System of - A thorough overview of the life and views of Leibniz Lemberg - Seat of a Latin, a Uniat Ruthenian, and a Uniat Armenian archbishopric L'Enfant, Pierre-Charles - French engineer (1755-1833) Lent - An article on the origins of Lenten fasting Lentulus, Publius - A fictitious person, said to have been Governor of Judea before Pontius Leo I (the Great), Pope - Article on his pontificate, in Christian antiquity second only to that of Gregory the Great in importance.

John (xix, 34), that, after our Saviour's death, 'one of the soldiers with a spear [lancea] opened his side and immediately there came out blood and water' Lando, Pope - Reigned 913-914 Lantern - In Italian or modern architecture, a small structure on the top of a dome, for the purpose of admitting light, for promoting ventilation, and for ornament Laodicea - A titular see, of Asia Minor, metropolis of Phrygia Pacatiana, said to have been originally called Diospolis and Rhoas; Antiochus II colonized it between 261 and 246 B.

Hence it was then most commonly known as the Pater noster Lorenzo da Brindisi, Saint - An Italian Capuchin with a talent for languages, much in demand as a preacher, was chaplain of the Imperial army. He died in 1619 Loreto, Holy House of - Since the fifteenth century, and possibly even earlier, the 'Holy House' of Loreto has been numbered among the most famous shrines of Italy Loreto, Litany of - Long article examines the somewhat murky history of the Litany of Loreto. at Versailles, 1 September, 1715; was the son of Louis XIII and Anne of Austria, and became king, upon the death of his father, Louisiana - Includes history, religious information, and statistics Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, Saint - Missionary to Brittany, d. 1297 Louise de Marillac Le Gras, Venerable - Founder of the Sisters of Charity of St. 1660 Louisville, Diocese of - Comprises that part of Kentucky west of the Kentucky River and western borders of Carroll, Owen, Franklin, Woodford, Jessamine, Garrard, Rockcastle, Laurel, and Whitley Counties Lourdes, Notre-Dame de - The pilgrimage of Lourdes is founded on the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin to a poor, fourteen-year-old girl, Bernadette Soubiroux.

Also information on Marian litanies in general Lorraine - By the Treaty of Verdun in 843, the empire of Charlemagne was divided in three parts: Ludwig the German received Eastern Franconia; Charles the Bald, Western Franconia; and Lothair I, the strip of land lying between the two and reaching from the North Sea to the Rhone, with Italy in addition. The first apparition occurred 11 February, 1858 Louvain, University of - In order to restore the splendour of Louvain, capital of his Duchy of Brabant, John IV of the House of Burgundy petitioned the papal authority for the establishment of an educational institution called at the time studium generale.

Francis of Assissi - Little Flowers of Francis of Assisi, the name given to a classic collection of popular legends about the life of St.

Francis of Assisi and his early companions as they appeared to the Italian people at the beginning of the fourteenth century Little Office of Our Lady - Historical article on the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, modeled on the Divine Office Liturgical Books - All the books, published by the authority of any church, that contain the text and directions for her official (liturgical) services Liturgical Chant - A chant, if its style, composition, and execution prove it suitable for liturgical use, may properly be called liturgical chant Liturgy - A Greek composite word meaning originally a public duty, a service to the state undertaken by a citizen Liturgy of the Hours - Brief essay on the historical development of the Liturgy of the Hours Liverpool - One of the thirteen dioceses into which Pius IX divided Catholic England, 29 September, 1850, when he re-established the Catholic hierarchy Loaves of Proposition - Heb. 'bread of the presence (of Yahweh)' (Ex., xxxv, 13; xxxix, 35, etc.), also called 'holy bread' Logic - A historical survey from Indian and Pre-Aristotelian philosophy to the Logic of John Stuart Mill Logos, The - The word Logos is the term by which Christian theology in the Greek language designates the Word of God, or Second Person of the Blessed Trinity Lollards - The name given to the followers of John Wyclif, an heretical body numerous in England in the latter part of the fourteenth and the first half of the fifteenth century Lombard, Peter - Biobibliographical essay on the Master of the Sentences Lombardy - A word derived from Longobardia and used during the Middle Ages to designate the country ruled over by the Longobards, which varied in extent with the varying fortunes of that race in Italy London (England) - The capital of England and chief city of the British Empire, is situated about fifty miles from the mouth of the Thames Longstreet, James - Soldier and Catholic convert.

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Lay Brothers - Religious occupied solely with manual labour and with the secular affairs of a monastery or friary Lazarites - A congregation of secular priests with religious vows founded by St.

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