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Remember that from the very first day in 1985 when I went public, my message was that ALL LIFE WOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE PLANET IN PREPARATION FOR ITS TOTAL DESTRUCTION. Do we have any evidence to support what I have just written? I have posted quite a number of videos and essays that give credence to this physical timetable on my website and in my Special Posts which are only available to my Members. Again I remind you that “It’s a WAR of Essences, so expect the unexpected!

Thus, we need to accept that there may be no need for further information other what I have written.

Many of you are receiving visions, either psychically or in dreams, of Planet X and/or of the pronounced disasters it will cause.

Some of you are having dreams of the Rescue Procedure by our Rescue Crafts.

All timing alterations since I declared the Message in 1985 have been to advance the End forward. Since then, the End has been revised downward every time I have reviewed it, so much so that now it is August 2016.

Obviously this War of Essences is not a pushover for either side.

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