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Then again, I was a bit sceptical about how they could cram each short story into one episode and make it as engaging as a full-length drama which was usually based on an entire novel.The first episode was largely predictable but I liked the twist at the end which added an extra meaning to the title than what was obvious to all.He wanted to use the video she made during her first suicide and even persuaded Mochizuki to cut her long hair to match the hairstyle in the old video on the pretext of taking a final photo before Mochizuki retired as an archery athlete.This was when Mochizuki realised that Ishigami had the intention to kill her.However, she went along with his idea which made Ishigami think that his plan was foolproof.Little did he know that Mochizuki had left telltale clues in a new video she took after cutting her hair and wanted Ishigami to be implicated so that she could literally "bring him along to hell" with her death.

As such, this is like a dream come true so he will try his best to play this character.

My reviews on Japanese dramas, movies & music as well as anything to do with J-ent. I have to admit, I'm watching this drama mainly for the story rather than the star-studded cast lineup.

From the ML to the forum and now to the blog version, here's hoping that this space will be a trusted source of information for all J-ent fanatics and a platform where we can come together and share our thoughts. I've always liked to watch Higashino Keigo's novels being made into dramas (although there were some which weren't handled so nicely) so this is a must-watch for me.

The two of them are engaged by a strange activist to search for buried treasures.

Ukon's younger brother Sakon is very different from them and works as an elite salaryman.

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However, despite being supposedly in a better position than his brother and Ushiyama, Sakon can't help but look on with envy about how the two of them live freely.