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Use the command: Assign servers to the security group.You need to find the wwn of every server that you want to connect to the openfiler server using fiber channel (Will use these WWN as W).Now it's time to create a fiber channel device that points at this logical volume.Use the following command replace V with a label that you assign and U with the full path to the logical volume created in the previous step. You can see all the options by doing the command: Make sure that this command is runned each time that a change is made to the openfiler system relating to the fiber channel sub system.With 2 x T620's, you can actually run a SAN-less environment with all the benefits of SAN storage.I reserved the bottom 4 harddrive (3.5") slots for SAN storage. no file created which is marked by Asterisk* sys/class/*fc_host/host X/port_name* 2.#chkconfig scst on service scst does not support chkconfig I am using a UCS C250 server with Qlogic QLE2462 4 Gbps 2 port FC HBA # lspci 0b:00.0 Fibre Channel: Qlogic Corp.

If you have a switch then you should add the necessairy zones but I recommend to use p2p first and add the switch in the mix is p2p works flawlessly. Hi, have managed to get this working however after a months operation it appears my volume has gone into a read only mode. #scstadmin -list_device vol_ssd Collecting current configuration: done. Have you tried re-installing and re-adding the VM with the RDM device?

With you're experience, do you have any idea where I should look to fix it ? I had to update the Server completely using the Dell respository manager and creating a bootable linux ISO.

I used a Dell R710 and 2 qla2460 cards in conjunction with ESXi free 5.1 (DELL's Version). This is imperative for the First Gen R710 (figured I'd save atleast someone the headache I've been through) BIOS shows version 6.3 ---------------------- NOTES: After Step 1, use WINSCP and copy qla2x00tgt to your desktop before you update!!

This is due to the fact that the config file isn't ok.

Enable target mode for each adapter or interface you want to use for target service with the following command (where X is the WWN seperated by colons for example ":1b:bd:32": Create a security group for the devices that will be using your target.

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If you use a different card then you should load up another module or service. Find your WWN from your openfilers fiber card using the command: And write them down. If you have more than 1 fiber channel, like me (QLA 2462) card then you must use the same command multiple times with a different WWN.